Meeting pages

New meeting pages will be generated by a common template in WordPress. As far as possible, the content and structure of the meeting pages should be standardized. The following common categories will be available by default in the template. 

Overview/front page
{Description: This section should include, in a narrative format, 1 to 2 paragraphs providing basic information on the mandate and purpose of the meeting. This section can also be used to highlight key documents. Information in this section will also be visible by expanding a button under each meeting entry on the meetings place home page.}

{Description: This section should include, in a narrative format, more extensive information on the meeting, including more historical information, building upon and/or incorporating the information contained in the overview.}

{Description: Documents should be linked in this section according to the following standard categories. NB: Access to all documents will eventually be through the documents portal, which is under development. The document portal will also make use of these categories, among others.}

Document type

Final Reports

Draft documents

Working papers

Information notes

Conference room papers

Documents of the Conference (e.g. organizational matters, background documents)

National reports



Summary records

Verbatim records

meeting coverage














{Description: Statements posted directly in the portal should be organized by date and, as applicable, segment (e.g. general statements, thematic segments, etc). Alternatively, a link can be provided to the relevant statements page in the PaperSmart Portal.}

{Description: This section is to post the list of participants. It can also post any information note for participants.}

Information for NGOs
{Description: The section is to post the information note for civil society participants.}

{Description: The section should include a photo and biography of the presiding officer. It can also list other officers of the meeting.}

{Description: This section should list the functions, name, phone number and email addresses of the secretariat for the meeting.}

Webcast and audio
{Description: This section should embed or provide links to the webcast or audio archive for the meeting.}

Side events
{Description: This section should post or link to any official or unofficial list of side events}

Press releases
{Description: This section should post any press release prepared by ODA or issued by the Department for Global Communications. It should also provide links to meetings coverage releases issued by the Department for Global Communications.}

{Description: This section should post a highlighted selection of photos.}

{Description: This section should include, in a Q&A format, any information deemed relevant for the information of press and the general public.}