Biological Weapons Convention – Meetings of Experts


In December 2017, the BWC Meeting of States Parties agreed on an intersessional programme from 2018 to 2020 consisting of annual Meetings of States Parties and Meetings of Experts. The MSP agreed that the Meetings of Experts would be open-ended and will consider the following topics:

  • MX1 - Cooperation and Assistance, with a Particular Focus on Strengthening Cooperation and Assistance under Article X
  • MX2 - Review of Developments in the Field of Science and Technology Related to the Convention
  • MX3 - Strengthening National Implementation
  • MX4 - Assistance, Response and Preparedness
  • MX5 - Institutional Strengthening of the Convention

The 2017 Meeting of States Parties agreed that:

  • the purpose of the intersessional programme is to discuss, and promote common understanding and effective action on those issues identified for inclusion in the intersessional programme. The work in the intersessional period will be guided by the aim of strengthening the implementation of all articles of the Convention in order to better respond to current challenges.
  • The Meetings of Experts for eight days will be held back to back and at least three months before the annual Meetings of States Parties. All meetings will be subject mutatis mutandis to the rules of procedure of the Eighth Review Conference. The Meetings of Experts are open-ended and all meetings will reach any conclusions or results by consensus.
  • Each Meeting of Experts will prepare for the consideration of the annual Meeting of States Parties a factual report reflecting its deliberations, including possible outcomes.
  • The Ninth Review Conference will consider the work and outcomes it receives from the Meetings of States Parties and the Meetings of Experts and decide by consensus on any inputs from the intersessional programme and on any further action.