Biological Weapons Convention – Meetings of Experts

Informal Webinar (Jun 2021)

Int. Webinar MX1 (22/06/2021)

Recording of  MX1 Webinar

Topics and Presentations 

  • Welcoming and introductory remarks (Mr. Kimmo Laukkanen, MX1 Chair)
  • Global Partnership Signature Initiative to Mitigate Biological Threats in Africa (Professor David R Harper, Managing Director Harper Public Health Consulting Limited, Senior Consulting Fellow, the Chatham House Centre on Global Health Security, BSWG co-chair; Mr. Trevor Smith, Senior Program Manager for Biological and Chemical Security & UNSCR 1540 Implementation, Weapons Threat Reduction Program, Global Affairs Canada, BSWG co-chair)
  • China-Africa Public Health Cooperation (Professor QI Xiaopeng, Deputy Director, Center for Global Public Health, CDC, China)
  • Strengthening Health and Biosecurity in Tanzania by Biodetection Capacity Building (Dr. Zachariah Ephraim Makondo, Principal Veterinarian, Biorisk Officer and Head of Quality Assurance System, Tanzania Veterinary Laboratory Agency, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Tanzania)
  • Fostering networks of young scientists in the Global South: The Youth for Biosecurity Initiative (Ms. Mayra Ameneiros, 2021 Alumna of the Youth for Biosecurity Initiative, Biochemist and Innovation Fellow at PandemicTech)
  • Q&A Session
  • Closing remarks (Mr. Kimmo Laukkanen, MX1 Chair)