Biological Weapons Convention – Meetings of Experts

Informal Webinar (Oct 2020)

Int. Webinar MX2 (29/10/2020)

Recording of  MX2 Webinar

Topics and Presentations 

Welcoming Remarks

  • Welcoming and introductory remarks (Mr. Kazuhiro Nakai, MX2 Chair ; Mr. Daniel Feakes, Chief, BWC ISU)

Review of science and technology developments relevant to the Convention

  • Proposal for a BTWC Scientific and Technological Experts Advisory Forum (Mr. Erik Tintrup, Deputy Head of Division Department for Intl. Order, the UN and Arms Control Division for Chemical and Biological Weapons Issues Federal Foreign Office, Germany )
  • Exploring Science and Technology Reviews Under the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) (Dr. James Revill, Researcher, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Other Strategic Weapons, UNIDIR)
  • Strengthening the BWC: Proposal for the establishment of a Scientific Advisory Committee (Mr. Konstantin Vorontsov, Head of Division of Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation)

Biological risk assessment and management

Development of a voluntary model code of conduct for biological scientists