Biological Weapons Convention – Meetings of Experts

S&T review mechanisms workshop
Virtual workshop - "Exploring science and technology reviews under the Biological Weapons Convention" (09/12/2020)

Recording of S&T review mechanisms workshop

  • Opening remarks (Ambassador Peter Beerwerth, Permanent Representative of Germany to the Conference on Disarmament; Mr. Kazuhiro Nakai, Permanent Mission of Japan to the Conference on Disarmament)
  • Presentation of research findings by UNIDIR (Ms. Alisha Anand and Mr. James Revill, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research)
  • Q&A discussion (Moderated by Mr. Daniel Feakes, Chief, BWC Implementation Support Unit)
  • Expert panel discussion (Moderated by Mr. Erik Tintrup, Deputy Head of Division for Disarmament Chemical/Biological Weapons, Director German Biosecurity Program; Mr. Peter Hotchkiss, Senior Science Policy Officer, OPCW; Mr. Florin Vladu, Manager, Science and Review, Adaptation Programme, UN Climate Change Secretariat; Mr. Johannes Klumpers, Head, Research & Innovation Infrastructures Unit, European Commission; Mr. Richard Roehrl, Senior Economic Affairs Officer, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs)