Convention on Cluster Munitions-Meeting of States Parties

Final Document (CCM/MSP/2011/5)
Provisional Agenda (CCM/MSP/2011/1)
Provisional Programme of Work (CCM/MSP/2012/2)
Annotated Provisional Programme of Work (CCM/MSP/2010/2/Add.1/Rev.1)
Rules of Procedure for Meetings of States Parties (CCM/MSP/2011/3)
Estimated Costs for the Second Meeting of States Parties (CCM/MSP/2011/4)
Revised Draft 2011 Beirut Declaration (CCM/MSP/2011/WP.1/Rev.2)
Discussion Paper on Implementation Architecture and Intersessional Work (CCM/MSP/2011/WP.2)
Draft Decisions and recommendations for consultations (CCM/MSP/2011/WP.3/Rev.1)
Amendment 1. Draft decision on the establishment of an Implementation Support Unit (CCM/MSP/2011/WP.3/Rev.1/Amend.1)
Application of all available methods for the efficient implementation of Article 4 (CCM/MSP/2011/WP.4)
Draft Beirut Progress Report. Monitoring progress in implementing the Vientiane Action Plan from the First up to the Second Meeting of States Parties (CCM/MSP/2011/WP.5)
Model legislation: Cluster Munitions Act (CCM/MSP/2011/WP.6)
National implementation: checklist of measures needed by States to implement the Cluster Munitions Convention (CCM/MSP/2011/WP.7)
Explanatory Note on Draft Decisions on ISU for the CCM  (CCM/MSP/2011/WP.8)
Draft directive from the States parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions to the Implementation Support Unit (CCM/MSP/2011/9)
Survivors' declaration (CCM/MSP/2011/Misc.2)