Convention on Cluster Munitions-Meeting of States Parties

Official Documents CCM/MSP/2017/12 - Final report
CCM/MSP/2017/1 - Provisional Agenda
CCM/MSP/2017/2 - Implementation Support Unit 2018 Work Plan and Budget
CCM/MSP/2017/3 - Provisional Annotated Programme of Work
CCM/MSP/2017/4 - Rules of Procedure
CCM/MSP/2017/5 - Review of the financial Procedures of Implementation Support Unit
CCM/MSP/2017/6 - Exploration of Synergies between Various Implementation Support Units
CCM/MSP/2017/7 - Report on Elements of the Review of the Agreement between the States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions and the Geneva Centre for Humanitarian Demining on the hosting of the Implementation Support Unit (ISU)
CCM/MSP/2017/8 - Country Coalitions to Promote the Implementation of the Convention on Cluster Munitions
CCM/MSP/2017/9 - Convention on Cluster Munitions 7MSP Progress Report — monitoring progress in implementing the Dubrovnik Action Plan
CCM/MSP/2017/10 - Convention on Cluster Munitions Implementation Support Unit — 2016 Annual Report
CCM/MSP/2017/11/Rev.1 - Estimated costs of the Eighth Meeting of States Parties of the Convention on Cluster Munitions
CCM/MSP/2017/INF.2 - List of Participants (English/French/Spanish only) Last updated 7 December 2017