Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons –Amended Protocol II Annual Conference


CCW/AP.II/2020/1 – Technical decisions

CCW/AP.II/CONF.22/1 – Provisional Agenda

CCW/AP.II.CONF.22/2 – Report on improvised explosive devices

CCW/AP.II/CONF.22/3 – Cost estimates for the 2021 meeting of Group of Experts of Amended Protocol II

CCW/AP.II/CONF.22/3/Corr.1 – Corrigendum

CCW/AP.II/CONF.22/4 – Cost estimates for the 23rd Annual Conference of the High Contracting Parties to Amended Protocol II (2021)

CCW/AP.II/CONF.22/4/Corr.1 – Corrigendum

CCW/AP.II/CONF.22/WP.1 – Revised questionnaire to facilitate greater information sharing and cooperation on countering IEDs