Conference on the Establishment of a Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear Weapons and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction

President of the Conference

Sima Sami Bahous, Ph.D.

Dr. Sima Sami Bahous was appointed as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the United Nations in New York in August 2016. Prior to this position she served in ministerial posts in Jordan and in high level Arab League and United Nations positions. She has a distinguished career in public service, politics, multilateral diplomacy, media and communication, and international development cooperation.

From June 2012 till August 2016 Dr. Bahous served as the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General, Assistant Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and Director of the UNDP Regional Bureau for Arab States.

From 2008 to 2012, Dr. Bahous served as Assistant Secretary-General at the League of Arab States and headed the Social Development Sector.

From 2001-2008, Dr. Bahous served in two ministerial level posts in Jordan: as Adviser to HM King Abdullah at the Royal Hashemite Court (2005-2006), and as President of the Higher Media Council (2006-2008). She also served as Media Advisor and Head of His Majesty King Abdullah’s Media and Information Division at the Royal Hashemite Court (2001-2005).

Between 1986 and 2001 Dr. Bahous held various positions which included Executive Director of the King Hussein Foundation and the Noor Al Hussein Foundation, Professor of Development and Communication at Yarmouk University and Petra University, member of the Board of Trustees of a number of academic, media and NGO organizations, including the Jordan University for Science and Technology, Jordan Radio and Television Corporation, the Jordan River Foundation, the Higher Population Council and the Higher Commission for Women. She also worked in the fields of Development and Communication with a number of UN Organizations in Jordan and other Arab countries.

Dr. Bahous holds a Ph.D. in Communication and Development from Indiana University, USA; a Master of Arts in Literature and Drama from Essex University, UK; and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Jordan University. She is married and has one daughter.