Working papers

Working papers

CCW/GGE.1/2021/WP.1 - Russian Federation

CCW/GGE.1/2021/WP.2 - Australia, Canada, Japan, Republic of Korea, United Kingdom and United States

CCW/GGE.1/2021/WP.3 - United States of America

CCW/GGE.1/2021/WP.4 - France

CCW/GGE.1/2021/WP.5 - France and Germany

CCW/GGE.1/2021/WP.6 - ICRC

CCW/GGE.1/2021/WP.7 - Argentine Republic, Republic of Costa Rica, Republic of Ecuador, Republic of El Salvador, Republic of Panama, State of Palestine, Republic of Peru, Republic of the Philippines, Republic of Sierra Leone and Eastern Republic of Uruguay