General Assembly First Committee

Meetings coverage

2 November 2016
First Committee Sends 69 Texts to General Assembly, Concluding Session by Approving Drafts on Chemical Weapons, Improvised Explosive Devices

1 November 2016
Addressing Arms Proliferation Risks, First Committee Approves 26 Texts, Including Draft Promoting Nuclear-weapon-free Middle East

31 October 2016
As First Committee Approves 10 Texts, Delegates Spotlight Rights to Self-defence, Raising Concerns about Conventional Weapons Treaties

28 October 2016
States Must Support National, Global Action to Stop Weapons from Reaching Terrorist Groups, First Committee Hears, as It Approves 7 Texts

27 October 2016
First Committee Sends 22 Texts to General Assembly, Echoing Call for Expanding Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones into Middle East, Bolstering Disarmament Efforts

26 October 2016
Jump-starting Stalled Disarmament Machinery Requires Ramping up Political Will, Broadening Membership, First Committee Speakers Say during Thematic Debate

25 October 2016
States Must Prioritize Building Strong Regional Security Architecture to Tackle Current Disarmament Challenges, First Committee Hears

24 October 2016
Calling for Norms to Stymie Cyberattacks, First Committee Speakers Say States Must Work Together in Preventing Information Arms Race

21 October 2016
With Armed Robots, Drones, New Weapons on Horizon, States Must Fill Gaps in Existing Regimes to Address Fresh Threats, First Committee Hears

20 October 2016
Spotlighting Human Costs of Wide-spread Arms Transfers, First Committee Delegates Say States Must Bolster Global Response to Effectively Stem Illicit Flows

19 October 2016
Debating Proposals on Common Principles to Ensure Outer Space Security, First Committee Delegates Call for Adoption of Legally Binding Treaty

18 October 2016
Chemical Weapon Use Must Not Become ‘New Normal’, First Committee Speakers Warn, Issuing Calls for New Solutions to Combat Bioterrorism Threats

17 October 2016
At Strategic Juncture in Disarmament Drive, All States Must Focus on End Goal of Building Nuclear-Weapon-Free World, First Committee Speakers Warn

14 October 2016
As First Committee Addresses Nuclear Weapons Concerns, States Present Views on Necessity of Legally Binding Treaty Prohibiting Atomic Bombs

13 October 2016
Collective Action Must Swiftly Address Potentially Catastrophic Impact of Nuclear Terrorism, Panellists Tell First Committee, as Thematic Debate Begins

12 October 2016
States Must Work Diligently to Halt Arms Proliferation, Advance Talks on Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons, First Committee Hears, Concluding General Debate

11 October 2016
First Committee Speakers Raise Grave Concerns about Broad Range of Weapons Widely Circulating
in Volatile Regions Plagued by Terrorist Groups

10 October 2016
Shift Obscene Amounts of Military Expenditure into Efforts to Tackle Urgent Global Sustainable
Development Challenges, First Committee Speakers Urge

7 October 2016
Disarmament Efforts Must Support, Not Thwart, Push for Global Social, Economic Development,
Speakers Tell First Committee

6 October 2016
Nuclear-Weapon States in First Committee Justify Deterrence Policies amid Calls for Transferring
Bloated Defence Budgets to Development Efforts

5 October 2016
Against Shifting Global Paradigm, Established Rules, Norms Continued to Play Vital Role in
Disarmament Efforts, First Committee Speakers Say

4 October 2016
Talks Must Advance on Worldwide Nuclear-weapon Ban amid Disarmament Regime’s Credibility Crisis,Speakers Urge, as First Committee Debate Continues

3 October 2016
Human Rights Must Be Core in Fight against Terrorism, Sixth Committee Hears, as It Takes Up Ongoing Stalemate of Draft Convention to Eliminate Global Threat

3 October 2016
States Must Be Flexible, Creative in Finding Common Ground to Resuscitate Nuclear Disarmament Efforts, First Committee Told, as General Debate Opens

30 September 2016
Approving Work Programme, First Committee Will Focus on Disarmament Machinery, Nuclear Non-proliferation, International Security, Outer Space