General Assembly First Committee

Civil Society and NGO Presentations

Katrin GeyerWomen’s International League
for Peace and Freedom
Statement on Biological Weapons
Mary WarehamHuman Rights WatchJoint Statement on the Chemical Weapons Convention
Morgan McKennaCluster Munition CoalitionStatement on Convention on Cluster Munitions
Victor AmisiControl Arms CoalitionStatement on the Arms Trade Treaty
Allison PytlakWomen’s International League
for Peace and Freedom
Civil society statement on cyber and human security
Terrie Soule and
Sydney Korman
Pace UniversityJoint Civil Society Statement on Disarmament Education
Mitzi AusteroNonviolence International Southeast AsiaJoint Civil Society Statement on Drones
Laura BoillotInternational Network on Explosive Weapons (INEW)Statement on Explosive Weapons
Gabriella IrstenWILPF-SwedenJoint statement on gender and disarmament
Alma Al-OstaHumanity and InclusionStatement on Humanitarian Disarmament
Natalie GoldringInternational Action Network on
Small Arms (IANSA)
Statement on Small Arms
Morgan McKennaInternational Campaign to Ban LandminesStatement on the Mine Ban Treaty
Roos BoerPAXStatement on Incendiary Weapons
Wim ZwijnenburgInternational Campaign to Ban
Uranium Weapons
Statement on Depleted Uranium Weapons
Doug WeirToxic Remnants of War NetworkStatement on the Environmental Dimensions of Armed Conflicts
Jaqueline CabassoWestern States Legal FoundationCreating the Conditions for International Peace and Human Security (CCIPHS)
Carlos UmanaInternational Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)Statement on the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
Cesar JaramilloProject PloughsharesStatement on Space Security
Peter AsaroCampaign to Stop Killer RobotsStatement on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems