Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons – Third Review Conference

Side events

Global Numbers on Arms Holdings: Small Arms SurveyPermanent Mission of Australia, Small Arms Survey
1:15-2:30pmCR C
Building National Capacity in Weapons and Ammunition Management to Sustain Peace and Prevent ConflictPermanent Mission of France, UNMAS
1:15-2:30pmCR D
How the African Union and African Regional
Organizations lead the way in silencing the guns
Germany, AU, ECOWAS, Bonn International Centre for
Conversion (BICC)
1:15-2:30pmGerman House
Experiences with post-shipment verification measures for arms exportsSwitzerland, Germany
8:30-9:45amGerman House
International Tracing Instrument (ITI) and the Way Forward: Examining Options to Support the OperationalizationAustralia, France, UNIDIR
1:15-2:30pmCR 7
Conflict Tracing (‘iTrace III’)Conflict Armament Research, EU
1:15-2:30pmCR 7
Ammunition Control Practices in Latin America and the CaribbeanUNLIREC, Germany
1:15-2:30pmCR D
Humanium Metal: An innovative approach towards implementing SDG 16El Salvador, Sweden, The Survivors Network of El Salvador, IM Swedish Development Partner
1:15-2:30pmCR F
Monitoring SDG 16: Arms Flows and Violent Deaths in North Africa and the SahelSmall Arms Survey, Permanent Mission of the Netherlands
1:15-3:00pmPermanent Mission of the Netherlands
Regional Approaches to Addressing the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons – Innovative practices from the Western BalkansFrance, Germany, UNDP/SEESAC
1:15-2:45pmGerman House
Legal loopholes and terrorism: Converted firearms in Europe and beyondPermanent Mission of France, Small Arms Survey, Flemish Peace Institute
8:30-10:00amCR C
1:15-2:30pmCR A
Profiling Ammunition Seized at Border Controls and Recovered from Crime Scenes Across Latin America and the Caribbean: Case Studies and Methodology (Dominican Republic and Peru)UNLIREC, Germany
1:15-2:30pmCR D
Connecting the Dots: Supporting the 2030 Agenda, the Arms Trade Treaty and the United Nations Programme of Action on Small Arms implementation through increased parliamentary engagement and action in international processesParliamentary Forum on Small Arms and Light Weapons and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War IPPNW, Permanent Mission of Sweden
1:15-2:30pmCR 11
Implementación del UNPoA en Guatemala y países de la región: éxitos, retos y desafíos (Implementation of the UNPoA in Guatemala and countries of the Central American region: Success and challenges)IEPADES, Permanent Mission of Guatemala
8:30-9:30amCR B
Briefing: UN Register of Conventional Arms (UNROCA) and UN Report on Military Expenditures (MilEx)UNODA/CAB
1:15-2:30pmCR 7
Tracing Islamic State Weapons in IraqConflict Armament Research, Germany
1:15-2:30pmCR 12
A Call to Action on Gender and Small Arms ControlIANSA Women’s Network, Permanent Mission of Trinidad and Tobago
1:14-2:30pmCR A
Promoting Cooperation in Weapons and Ammunition Management (WAM) in SomaliaThe Federal Government of Somalia, Finland, UNIDIR
1:15-2:30pmCR 9