Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons – Third Review Conference

Working papers

A/CONF.192/2018/RC/WP.8European Union on cooperation and assistance in support of PoA implementation
A/CONF.192/2018/RC/WP.9European Union position
A/CONF.192/2018/RC/WP/EO/3European Union strategy against illicit SALW
A/CONF.192/2018/RC/WP/EO/2OSCE Best Practice Guide: Minimum Standards for National Procedures for the Deactivation of SALW
A/CONF.192/2018/RC/WP.4Elements of the position of MERCOSUR member and associate States
A/CONF.192/2018/PC/WP.3Non-Aligned Movement Full and Effective Implementation of the PoA: Enhancing International Cooperation and Assistance
A/CONF.192/2018/RC/WP.2Non-Aligned Movement on the establishment of a UN fellowship programme on SALW
A/CONF.192/2018/PC/WP.1Belgium Towards an effective marking, record-keeping and tracing of
modular and polymer firearms
A/CONF.192/2018/RC/WP.3Germany and Ghana Addressing small arms and light weapon ammunition in the framework of the United Nations, including through the PoA, and the General Assembly
A/CONF.192/2018/RC/WP.1Jamaica Standards manual for the Firearm Marking Information Management System and marking operations oversight
A/CONF.192/2018/RC/WP.5Jamaica Effects of gun crime on Jamaica: the case for the comprehensive
review of the PoA and the ITI
A/CONF.192/2018/RC/WP.6Netherlands Proposal for the day-to-day implementation of the
PoA at the global level in preparation of the RevCon3
A/CONF.192/2018/RC/WP.7Mexico Towards coherent, strategic and effective implementation of the PoA
A/CONF.192/2018/RC/WP.10Switzerland Sustainability of cooperation and assistance relating to the
management of small arms and light weapons
A/CONF.192/2018/PC/WP.2United States of America
A/CONF.192/2018/RC/WP/EO/1ICRC Addressing, through the PoA, the humanitarian consequences of the
widespread availability of arms
Non-paperUN Secretariat Recent developments in small arms and light weapons manufacturing, technology and design and their implications for the ITI
Non-paperUNODC & UNODA on SDG Indicator 16.4.2
Concept noteGlobal Fund to Eradicate Illicit Small Arms