President, dates and venue: The Fourth Review Conference of the CCW was held under the Presidency of Ambassador Gancho Ganev of Bulgaria, from 14 to 25 November 2011.

Preparatory sessions for the Fourth Review Conference

Preparatory sessions for the Review Conference took place during the three 2011 sessions of the Group of Governmental Experts, held in Geneva on 21-25 February, 28 March - 1 April, and 22-26 August, respectively. During the preparatory meetings, Ambassador Ganev underscored that the key issues for the Review Conference would be universalization, compliance, addressing cluster munitions, and thoroughly reviewing the Convention and its Protocols.

Ambassador Ganev in advance of the Third Preparatory Session for the Review Conference outlined his views on universalization, compliance and new issues in a letter, which is attached here. Also, click here to read a letter from the President-designate, Ambassador Ganev, concerning the Programme of Work and a list of issues for Main Committee I.