Weekly Planning

Monday 26 September11:00 - 13:00Informal ConsultationXVIII
Tuesday 27 September11:00 - 13:00Informal ConsultationXVIII
Friday 30 September10:00 - 13:00Informal ConsultationsXVIII

Annual Planning

Information for Participants

Accreditation to and participation in the Conference on Disarmament

For information related to delegates' accreditation to and participation in the Conference on Disarmament, please refer to: Information for member and non-member States (CD/INF.82/Rev.1)

List of speakers and statements

Member and non-member States wishing to inscribe their names on the list of speakers must contact the CD Secretariat at cd@un.org.

Delegations are encouraged, to provide their statements, as early as possible in advance of delivery, to cd@un.org, so that they can be made available to the interpreters. The United Nations does not provide photocopying services.

List of participants to the Conference

The list of participants to the 2022 session of the Conference is contained in CD/INF.83.


CD 2022 High-level Segment

For information regarding the organization of the CD 2022 High-level Segment please refer to the Logistical Note on the 2022 High-level Segment.

In particular, please note that all delegates who will participate in-person in Room XVII must register on the INDICO system (there is one page to register for the entire HLS period, 28 February to 2 March 2022) at: https://indico.un.org/event/37578/

The List of Speakers for the CD 2022 High Level Segment can be found here.


The CD Secretariat can be contacted at: cd@un.org.